TMCon is now a certified SAP Concur Implementation Partner (CIP)

CIP PartnerTMCon is now a certified SAP Concur Implementation Partner (CIP). Our consultants participated in an 8-day training in the SAP Concur Office in Prague and successfully completed the assessment.

What are the advantages for you as a customer?

• Fast project start

• Maximum flexibility in terms of cost, scope and timeline based on customer requirements

• on-site appointments

• Customized consulting and implementation services

• We offer add-on services (change management, process consulting, project management and training, which are indispensable for the successful implementation of such a project)

• TMCon divides its capabilities to allow sufficient time for the concerns of customers and employees, and to discuss issues or concerns in advance

• SAP Concur Services Management & Implementation Experts engage during the whole project life cycle with customer & partner to achieve highest possible customer satisfaction / experience with the CTE tool


Feel free to contact us if you are interested in a workshop to get to know the consultants and the SAP Concur System.