TMCon and TROPPER seamless collaboration

TMCon und TROPPER vereinbaren Kooperation

TMCon und TROPPER vereinbaren Kooperation

TMCon und TROPPER vereinbaren Kooperation

TROPPER DATA SERVICE and Travel Management Consulting (TMCon), announced partnership which embraces all aspects of travel expense reports.

TMCon takes care of consulting services and implementing appropriate invoicing solutions. While TROPPER prepares all the documents arising during a business trip, digitizes them and also takes care of quality assurance. Companies benefit from seamless invoicing processes involving less effort and a reduction in storage requirements for travel expenses.

Efficient and compliant travel expense invoicing

Particularly in large international companies, there is a constant stream of travel expense reports, and these need to be processed as promptly as possible. With the introduction of specialized software, such as Amadeus cytric, Concur or KDS, processes are automated and manual effort reduced. TMCon, as a partner for sustainable end-to-end travel & expense solutions, helps with software selection, project management and implementation. “Modern systems include an app that allows the employee to photocopy and categorize their documents. These images are then transferred to the system via a synchronization mechanism,” explains Michael Mueller, Managing Director of TMCon. After going on a trip, the employee starts the approval process and the supervisor can then view the travel expense report, including all documents.

According to GoBD, tax offices can only accept electronic documents if they can be evaluated mechanically. Since this is not easily possible with photocopies of receipts, invoices, etc., they must be scanned again and then archived. TROPPER has already implemented numerous travel expense documents within the scope of different projects. As Claudia Stadtmueller, Account Manager at TROPPER, explains: “Bus tickets, tax receipts, hotel accounts, etc. – travel expense documents vary in size. This is why it is very time-consuming to prepare the documents. We also often receive thermally-printed invoices that are faded. Using appropriate algorithms and advanced filter settings in our scanning software, we can make them legible again.”
Depending on the client’s requirements, the document and service provider receives the travel expense documents via a special mailbox or picks them up from the client in secure transport containers. They are then appropriately prepared for scanning. Smaller documents, such as public transport tickets or tax receipts, are affixed to DIN A4 paper. This is followed by digitization and conversion into the format stipulated by the client. Optionally, the documents are provided with OCR so that they are fully searchable. Finally, TROPPER stores the documents for an agreed period and then destroys them in accordance with data protection, or returns them to the client.

However, other scenarios are also possible. For example, TROPPER can collect all travel expense documents from the client at regular intervals, then digitize them or have the employees send them directly to the service provider. For this purpose, travel expense cost accounting has already been created in the system. TROPPER receives this with the corresponding documents. These are then digitized and linked to this via the bar code present on the travel expense report. The employees at TROPPER check whether all documents corresponding to the completed travel expense form are available and that the original documents have been submitted. “If documents are missing or we only receive copies of them, we notify the employee or the company,” says Claudia Stadtmueller. Only when all receipts are present and digitized in the original format are the travel expense documents accepted into the system and the approval process is triggered.
“As companies have different approaches to processing their travel expense accounts, we offer a variety of scenarios”, summarizes Claudia Stadtmueller. “With TMCon at our side, we have a partner and can also advise companies on how they can optimize their processes in this area.” Michael Mueller adds: “Our experience shows that various approaches are often applied within globally operating companies, depending on the region. We work with our clients on this to develop global processes and point out efficiency advantages for a consistent approach. With TROPPER, we are now linked to a specialized scanning service provider, so we know that the travel expenses documents are reliably processed to a high quality.”

About TMCon:

TMCon is a specialist for travel expenses and travel booking management. We launched in 2016 as a subsidiary of Job@ctive GmbH and HTM Projektmanagement UG and is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main. We complete the end-2-end process for our clients, from travel reservation to archiving the invoiced trip. We are experts and project managers with extended branch-specific experience across a board range of clients. TMCon can also provide additional expertise through cooperation partners.


Since its foundation in 1966, we specialized in services and products for administrative, information and document management. By integrating and maintaining complex document management systems and migrating data and systems. We also provide outsourcing services for data conversion, archiving and business process services for banks and insurance companies. For this, TROPPER DATA SERVICE is one of the largest service providers in Germany, with more than 300 experienced employees. The company is headquartered in Leverkusen, with a branch office in Neuenhagen / Berlin. Further offices are located in Ratingen and Dresden. TROPPER DATA SERVICE clients include industrial companies, banks and insurance companies as well as federal, state and municipal authorities.